ID Card Systems provide more than Student ID's, they help schools create a secure learning environment.

Primary, secondary, university, or trade school...the goal is the same: An optimal learning environment. And to create that environment, your facility needs to be secure. Envision the school of the future...

student library cards

Perfect for student library cards

  • A new student comes in, and while their paperwork is being filled out, an ID card is printed. This ID card has a full color picture of the student, their signature, and a barcode or magnetic stripe.
  • The student visits the library and since their ID card also works as a library card, it is scanned to record the checkout details.
  • The student visits the cafeteria, and instead of handing over money, they simply have their ID card scanned. Since it also works as a meal card, the total amount is deducted directly from their student account.
  • The student attempts to enter the staff lounge, and is unable to... because their special student ID card also works as a security card, and it does not allow them access to the staff lounge.
  • When the student enters a classroom, they swipe their ID and are marked present. When they leave the classroom, they swipe again to verify they were in class the full time... and to verify where they were last. If that student turns up missing, the school's security system will know where they were last -- and when.
  • The student goes to computer class, and swipes their ID to log into a computer. That computer then allows access to specific applications only... based on their pre-set configured access levels.

These same ID cards can be used for faculty and staff.

Maintenance crews can have access to boiler rooms or other mechanized areas, while students are not able to enter. Office staff can have access to private computer records, while the student staff is denied. That level of security in any school system may seem sad to some people, but in today's world: it's a reality that needs to be addressed. Consider these facts:

  • The National Center for Education Statistics tells us that 47.2 million students were enrolled in US public schools during the 2000-2001 school year... and there was one teacher for about every 14-16 students.
  • College and university enrollment was 15.3 million in 2000, and that's projected to grow by 12-19% by 2012.

With that many people to keep track of -- especially in today's volatile society -- security could be a nightmare.

student id cards for campus security

Keep Students & Faculty Safe

But you can protect your students. Protect your faculty, and even protect your facility. At the same time, you can streamline operations and procedures, while reducing costs. All of this with just one simple machine. A machine that is as easy to use and cost-effective as a basic office printer.

Take for instance, the Fargo DTC1000 ID Card Printer. It can print an official four-color student ID card, faculty ID card, library card, meal card, or even a multi-use security card -- in less than 30 seconds! And it does this easily using our ID Card Software on a regular Microsoft Windows computer.

Then there's the Fargo DTC4000. This printer can grow as your ID Card/Security needs change. Field upgradable modules are available based on the technology you need. A school ID card system like this can print hundreds of cards every day while requiring little to no maintenance.

And The Fargo DTC4500 ID Card Printer lets you create those special, multi-use cards we mentioned above. This ID system is designed to allow you to print on both sides of a card, making it easier to create flexible ID cards that track time and attendance, and access or control cards.

In today's world of uncertainty, our harsh reality is that keeping schools safe can be a full time job. There's a lot of paperwork to track, people to know, and things to do. Mistakes can be made. Using an ID Card Printer such as the one's mentioned here however, or even the other models we have available on this site, takes a lot of the work and worry out of keeping your students, faculty, and staff secure.

With our ID Card Systems, you don't have to wait days or even hours. Our systems will print your ID cards on the spot -- saving you a wealth of time, cost, and worry. And they're great for making quick updates or changes too... or even doing something simple and routine like granting guest access. Just create a quick visitor pass and you're ensuring the further safety of your facility and the people within.

Keeping the ID cards from getting lost is quick and easy too -- just choose your preferred accessory.

  • Badge Holders for instance, can come color coded. allowing you to easily identify security access levels at a glance, while helping to prolong the life of the ID cards with a protective vinyl covering.
  • Badge Clips, Pins, and Magnetic Attachments allow students and staff to choose a secure wearable option that fits their individual needs and lifestyles.
  • ID Badge Reels the retractable cord on these reels allow wearers to keep their cards attached so they won't be lost, while also keeping them contained so they're not swinging free in hazardous areas.
  • Badge Lanyards provide easy on and off options, while keeping the card safely with the wearer at all times. These are also fun because they come in a variety of educational styles and can be custom imprinted.

These and other ID badge accessories are inexpensive and convenient additions to your overall ID card system. And they can even be used as low-cost incentives and rewards, or for special events.

Of course these are just a few of the ways an ID Card System can help to secure and streamline your educational facility. You should take a moment to review how similar schools and colleges are doing providing identification to their students to placing your order. And we're here to help. So feel free to contact us directly with any questions you might have, and we'll personally see to it that you get the service you need.

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