Military / Government Identification Solutions

Tighten Security, Increase Responsiveness, and Improve Technology with ID Card Systems and Proper Badge Supplies

Military and Government ID Cards The first line of national defense is understanding your weaknesses and overcoming them. In order for fraud or terrorism to take place, offenders must first gain access to vital records or secured areas. Blocking illegal access to documents and unsecured entry to buildings can drastically reduce a threat, especially in government offices and military bases.

Our identification products and services can help you. We offer affordable, security-driven ID card systems and badge machines that help reduce risk and increase your responsiveness should anything occur.

Affordable ID Card Systems and Badge Machines

Through innovative, easy-to-use technologies, you can create your own detailed, secure ID cards and name badges in-house. These systems save you both time and money, paying for themselves within a matter of months in most cases.

Choose an ID card printer and the ID card software that suits your particular application best. Once you do, you’ll be empowered to:

  • Increase efficiency by creating ID cards on-site in just 30 seconds.
  • Enhance security by identifying users of your facilities and services.
  • Increase productivity by tracking employee time and attendance.
  • Improve security by tracking entries to buildings, secured areas, data requests, or other vital information.
  • Speed processing of ID cards, drivers' licenses, prison badges, military cards, security passes, and more.
  • Reduce risks by locking out unauthorized users of the ID card system.
  • Engage magnetic stripes and clear barcodes for added security.
  • Print high resolution clear photo ID’s to avoid mistaken identities.

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Quality Badge Supplies for Your Existing System

If you are working with an existing ID system, trust us to provide top-quality lanyards, badge reels, military badge holders, and other supplies. By incorporating our innovative solutions into your plan, you’ll have more flexibility and productivity. Choose from:

  • Lanyards - Convenient and easy to use for the military, schools, government offices, and more. We even offer them with patriotic messages.
  • Retractable ID Badge Reels - This badge holder, complete with retractable string, is highly effective for agency directors, department managers, high clearance military personnel, or others who frequently enter secured areas. Heavy duty reels available.
  • Armband, Magnetic, and other ID Badge Holders - Make identification easy while keeping the ID card clear of equipment.
  • Blank ID Cards - These PVC cards come in a variety of sizes that allow you to customize your card, making it harder for others to illegally duplicate. PVC cards come standard or with your choice of magnetic or adhesive backing.

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We'll Create Custom Photo IDs and Name Badges for You

Prefer to outsource your photo ID needs? We have been creating highly secure custom photo ID cards and name badges for government offices and military bases for years. We carry a variety of products well suited for the military and other government agencies. Contact us today for a quote on custom ID badges for your agency or division.

We know military and government budgets can be tight -- that’s why we place top priority on offering you exceptional prices, delivery times, and service. You’ll find our price guarantee refreshing as well. Simply provide us with a formal quote from another company, and we’ll meet or beat their prices on strap clips, lanyards, and badge reels.

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