What is a Badge Reel?

retractable badge reel 101

A badge reel is a housing or case that contains a retractable cord. This cord connects to a badge holder. In its most basic form, a badge reel is square or round shape. It typically measures 1.25" in diameter and has a belt clip on the back for attaching the badge reel to clothing.

There are different types of clips used as the clothing attachment on the badge reel. Spring clips, belt clips, and closed-end pins are variations of clips used to hook the retractable badge reel to your clothing. The cord is typically
27-36 inches long and is attached to a spring mechanism within the casing which allows the cord to retract when pulled.

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Unique badge reels can be found but have the same basic features as the basic badge reel. All badge reels will have a housing or casing, a retractable cord, a spring mechanism, a clothing attachment, and an ID badge attachment for more details see our badge reel anatomy page.

Badge reels are commonly used by companies, schools, and organizations. The user can pull the retractable cord to swipe their ID badge for clocking in to work or to swipe into a keyless entry system. The user can also attach items such as keys or small tools. Any business, school, or organization would benefit from the use of retractable badge reels. They can also be a cost effective means of branding. Employees and students would be promoting their company or school simply by wearing the badge reels with that organization's logo. If you are interested in adding your logo to our reels please see our custom badge reel options.

Badge reels come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. The reels are made from durable plastic or metal. Badge reels are sure to last a long time. They are small, and the cost is very low. They can be purchased blank. The fact that they are highly customizable makes them a unique item for businesses to use in their advertising efforts. Various printing methods are used to customize badge reels from full color process printing to single color pad printing. Logos, messages, and names can be placed on the badge reel for marketing and promotional purposes. A company can provide each of their employees with a badge reel and create walking advertisements with a minimal amount of money and with practically no effort. Unique badge reels can be made to a company's specifications and needs.

Badge reels are becoming increasingly popular because of their simple yet effective promotional abilities. They are also convenient for swipe and keyless entry systems. They are small, convenient, and useful. At the same time, they give companies strong marketing and promotional for a very economic cost. They also appeal to the user and can be seen by a variety of people.

Retractable badge reels can be purchased in solid colors or customized to companies preference to create a unique badge reel for companies to get their messages to the public. There is no limit to the promotional uses of badge reels. Logos can be placed on the casing in full color to provide a simple yet effective advertising and marketing tool.


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