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Medical identification - ID Cards and Badge SystemsWin the Battle…Provide Faster, Better-quality Healthcare at Lower Costs

As patient demands for faster, better-quality care increase, so do administration demands for lower costs. As a healthcare manager, you may feel torn in your decision-making process. We offer a variety of solutions specifically created to assist those in the medical industry with winning this battle.

Easy-to-use ID Card Systems and Badge Machines

Through innovative, easy-to-use technologies, you can create your own detailed, secure ID badges in-house. These systems save both time and money, paying for themselves within a matter of months in most cases. Every hospital, clinic, and medical facility has different needs. Once you select the ID card printer and ID card software that suits your particular application best you’ll be able to:

  • Increase efficiency by creating ID cards on-site in just 30 seconds.
  • Enhance security by identifying users of your facilities and services.
  • Reduce risks by controlling entries to buildings or secured areas of buildings.
  • Offer faster service by speeding patient registration, testing, and other processes.
  • Improve patient response by tracking medical bills, services provided, or other vital information.
  • Increase productivity by tracking doctor, nurse, and other medical staff time and attendance.
  • Offer greater convenience for frequent visitors such as clergy or family members of long-term care patients.

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Quality Badge Supplies

Your hospital, clinic or medical facility may already have an ID card system in-house. If you are working with an existing ID system, trust us to provide top-quality lanyards, badge reels, badge holders, and other supplies. By incorporating our innovative solutions into your healthcare arena, you’ll have more flexibility and productivity. Choose from:

  • Neck Lanyards - Convenient and easy to use with a variety of printed styles. Our pre-printed hospital lanyards are very popular with nurses.
  • Retractable Badge Reels - Highly effective for doctors, nurses, or others who frequently enter secured areas.
  • Badge Holders - Makes identification easy while keeping the ID card clear of equipment, patients and your medical staff. Our Armband badges are very popular in hospitals.
  • Blank ID Cards - Come standard or with your choice of magnetic or adhesive backing.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our prices, our delivery times, and our service. You’ll find our price guarantee refreshing as well. Simply provide us with a formal quote from another company, and we’ll meet or beat their prices on strap clips, lanyards, and badge reels.

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We Can Create Custom Photo IDs and Name Badges for You

Prefer to outsource your photo ID needs? For smaller medical facilities it is often more efficient to have us create and manufacture photo IDs and name badges for you. Each comes complete with barcodes, magnetic stripes, or any other option you need. You’re sure to find this solution affordable and dependable.

Exceptional Service and Support

We understand the sensitivity of your medical business. That understanding is precisely why healthcare administrators prefer to work with us. We make it easy for you to do business with us as we constantly work to improve responsiveness, processing, and technologies. Not to mention, our technical support team is staffed with knowledgeable, friendly professionals who can offer the information you need… fast! Our large inventory enables us to provide immediate delivery in most cases.

Ordering and Contact Information

Order today! All ID badge supplies can be ordered online (even personalized with logos), and you can research the ID card printers of your choice or even take a moment to read up on reels. Simply call us toll-free at 1-800-850-2929, or email us to place orders or gather additional information.

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