Badge Reel Lanyard Combo

retractable badge reel lanyard combo

Why choose a lanyard badge reel combo over the conventional variety?

First, it's important to understand what makes up a badge reel lanyard. The combo consists of a tubular neck lanyard with a specialized badge reel attached. Or, if you have existing lanyards, you can actually make your own combo by ordering just the specialized lanyard reels.

Benefits Of The Combo

  • With a standard lanyard you'll need to bend down uncomfortably or remove it entirely from your neck whenever you need to use it, immediately increasing the chances of losing it.
  • A work environment that requires continuous usage of the card could become frustrating.
  • Retractable lanyards come in a host of lengths, durability and attachments allowing the easiest and most comfortable access to your ID cards/badges whilst simultaneously keeping them safe and protected.
  • Having a retractable cord within easy reaching distance means that in an busy, mobile working environment, the chances of your lanyard being knocked loose and your ID card being lost are significantly lower than with a neck lanyard.

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Not Sure If You Need The Combo?

See our page covering the differences between badge reels and lanyards.

Lanyards are available in a wide variety of styles to best suit your needs, be that a pocket or belt attachment, or alternatively a badge variety, that can easily have a company logo imprinted upon it adding a professional uniform look to an employee and providing advertising for the company.

Customize Your Lanyard And Reel

Our lanyards and reels come with a whole host of options to customize exactly as your business requires. Choose from a variety of different colors including black, white, blue and red as well as clear vinyl strip to add an attractive quality to any work uniform. As previously mentioned, they can have the business's name (or whatever is desired) imprinted into them for promotional purposes.

A practical optional feature offered is to have your reels made with a QuickLock feature. This is a button that prevents the extended cord from retracting until the button is engaged again; this effectively removes any possible risk of your ID badge being left behind anywhere. Every lanyard also comes with a break-away feature for a speedy and safe escape in case it becomes caught up in any of your surroundings, rather than drag you down and potentially injury you, the lanyard will disengage.


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