Lanyard or Badge Reel?

lanyard and badge reel

Information security and employee identification are growing concerns among employers. As companies increasingly require employees to carry photo identification and security badges on their person during the workday, the need for retractable badge reels and lanyards to hold those cards is increasing. Both lanyards and badge reels provide convenient methods for wearing badges, or other workplace identification cards.

How to Wear Lanyards and Badge Reels

Lanyards come in a variety of colors and styles. They are essentially a rope-based necklace with a clip to attach the badge to. The lanyard is then worn about the neck during the workday.

Badge reels come in a variety of colors and case designs as well. The plastic or metal reel has a belt clip on the back side and a badge clip on the end of a retractable cord. The reel is worn clipped to the neck of the employee's shirt, the employee's belt, or their pants' pocket during the workday.

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Lanyards and Badge Reels In the Workplace

Weather a lanyard or badge reel is preferable largely depends on personal preference and workplace environment. Lanyards are ideal for workplaces where the badge needs to be readily visible. If employees are asked to show their security badge multiple times during the day, a lanyard will speed the process by keeping the badge both visible at readily accessible. Often, the badge can be visually verified immediately, without the employee truly showing the badge if a lanyard is used. However, lanyards are not appropriate for badge display in areas with heavy machinery. The lanyards dangle and could get caught up in the machines' moving parts causing physical injury. In that kind of setting a badge reel is preferable.

Badge reels are well suited to work environments where employees frequently swipe their badge for electronic verification. The pull-out cord allows them to easily swipe the card without detaching it from their person, minimizing the risk for loss. Badges are commonly swiped like a credit card in workplace cafeterias, as security clearance keys to secured areas, to activate electronic time stamps on employee time cards and more. Badge reels are also ideal for employees who are concerned about the risk of snagging their badge in the workplace. Those who work around heavy machinery, or equipment with moving parts, should opt for a badge reel. They secure the employee's identification badge close to the body, minimizing the risk of accident.

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Alternative Uses for Lanyards and Badge Reels

Employment badges are not the only thing that can be hung from a lanyard or badge reel in the workplace. Quick reference cards are used by a number of professionals to provide at-hand access to frequently used codes. For example, referees often have a quick reference card with the most common penalties hanging from a lanyard with their whistle. Similarly, medical professionals often have a card behind their badge that contains a list of the hospital's color code messages. Lanyards are also commonly used as a keychain for one or two traditional keys.

Badge reels, on the other hand, are commonly used for electronic keys. Electronic keys are small and could easily become lost if simply stuck in an employee's pocket. Clipping electronic keys to a retractable badge reel makes them easy to use during the workday, but significantly reduces the risk of loss.

When selecting a badge display option, bear in mind the workplace environment, and which option will provide the best convenience and security. Look for a badge reel or lanyard that complements the worker's uniform or office attire, and meets their personal needs.


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