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Extra Large Logo Badge Reels

If you are looking to build team spirit for your sports team, employees, or school, then look into our promotional badge reels. They make excellent give-away prizes, and are a cost-effective method of making people aware of your company, products, or services. Everywhere your team, students, or employees go they'll display your organizations name and logo, which is sure to start some conversations about it. This can bring you a major return on investment, as these colorful badge reels are available in large bundles for low prices. The low per-unit cost makes them ideal for use at concerts, team-building exercises, and special events.

Promotional Power

Almost anything can be printed on these badge reels. Because they are built to last, your promotion will be around for a long time. Many companies print their logos on the reels, others include a phone number, email address, URL, or some other form of contact information. Some print up pictures of a specific product. Others use them to display an advertising slogan, or drop hints to get people curious and wanting to know more. To get your custom made badge reels now, email a high resolution image and description of your design to our staff of design professionals so that they can get started on your order today.

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These promotions aren't limited to companies trying to sell their products and services. Universities and colleges use these badge reels to boost school spirit. Students, alumni, and school sports team boosters will keep these mementos for years because of their rugged durability and high-impact-resistant cases. Small businesses find them ideal, as well. Giving them to potential clients and business contacts at conventions and trade shows is as effective as business cards, if not more effective. Badge reels are certainly much longer lasting than business cards.

Encouraging Word of Mouth

Custom badge reels can get people talking about your organization without a lot of work on your part. Our ID badge reels come in a wide array of colors and designs. Our expedited shipping process can get them to you in time for an impending special event. Let our custom badge reels do your talking for you. Designing yours will prove to be quick, easy, and very affordable. Look through our catalog at the different sizes and shapes that are available, such as round, square, or oval. Choose from our rugged plastic or flashy metal badges.

Custom Billboard Shapes

If you really want to get the buzz going about your company or organization, then try one of our custom badge reel billboards. These billboards are custom-made shapes that can be snapped onto any of our badge reels, making them truly unique. For instance, a car dealership could have one made to look like a car. A college football team could have one made to look like their logo. These billboards will attract everyone's attention to your organization.

Our team of professionals can do almost anything that you can design. Contact us today for more information, or to discuss order details.


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